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Grinder House is honored to welcome back RANDY C MOORE!
If you missed is show last time don't do it again. Randy, a true entertainer and top drawer professional is an Americana Music Artist. From Roy Acuff to Jon Bon Jovi Mr. Moore has been sought out and played with top acts all his career. We are so excited to welcome back to our humble stage, Mr. Randy C Moore!

A native of Humble, Texas, he came up thru the Texas music scene in the late 1970’s. At 15 years of age he was making his own records and thru the influence of Houston radio personality Arch Yancey (KNUZ) his first single releases were receiving significant Texas radio airplay as well as being a regular guest singer at Gilley’s night club and many other popular dance-halls around the Houston area. By the time he graduated high-school, Randy was a guest star on WSM’s Grand Ole Opry hosted by Roy Acuff.

“Mister Roy (Acuff) had one of the finest bands I’ve ever played with. We did a goosed-up version of my record, ‘Mountain Dew’ and it was just so much fun. An amazing experience for a kid of 18.”

He made the move to Nashville to attend Belmont University to learn the modern recording arts and pro songwriting skills.

Throughout the 1980’s Randy C Moore toured North America and the Middle East as a featured artist with The Knott Brothers Band (because they are not brothers). They would go on to be opening shows for Hank Williams Jr., David Allen Coe, Johnny Paycheck, and Lee Greenwood. As the decade was closing Randy C Moore was back at being a solo artist and writing songs with Pat Bunch, Restless Heart, David Lee, Jessie Hunter, and rockabilly legend, Carl Perkins.

“ …becoming friends with Carl Perkins was about the easiest thing I’d ever done. He reminded me so much of my dad, the way he dressed and talked, a real good soul. I couldn’t help but love the guy. I’m pretty sure he knew I was nervous, but it all went away with a little ‘well, how ya doin’ son?’… I really miss Carl”

In September 2001 Randy C Moore was the featured act at Gaylord’s Opryland Hotel & Resort in Nashville when he got the call to perform a benefit concert in Red Bank, New Jersey alongside Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Joan Jett, and play with several of Elvis Presley’s former band mates. The two-night stand was to benefit 9/11 families of the Trade Center Tower victims.

“I sang some Carl Perkins songs with D J Fontana on drums and Jerry Scheff on bass. Garry Tallent (E-Street Band) was the music director and told me this was one the most powerful shows he’s ever played. As for me I sang, I preached, I prayed, I cried, I tried to give all I could to let those folks know that God cared for them in their darkest time of need…I hoped it was enough.”

Throughout the 2000’s Randy C Moore remained a strong live act. Opening shows for Vince Gill, Amy Grant, and Lee Ann Rimes. Soon he began to come up with the ideas that would eventually become his premier album “Hwy 59”. Released in mid-2016 the 10-song set caught the ears of radio programmers and music fans worldwide and domestic.

“Hwy 59, is what I call a life record. All very personal statements and sounds, and originally intended to be a record just for me. Somehow, what I perceived as my own vison suddenly was received as broad stroke. I had no idea. It was just my own thing…”

The first single, “Sunshine State Of Mind” became America’s # 1 Trop-Rock hit of 2016. As the album began garnering favorable reviews (Buddy Magazine, Gashouse Radio Magazine, Whiskey & Cigarettes Show, Phlockers Magazine) and chart-topping success (Roots Music Reports, Radio A1A Trop 40, My Kind Of Country, Whiskey & Cigarettes, and many more) Randy C Moore hit the world stage. His touring has taken him from The US to China and Monaco.  


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Born and raised in Mount Airy North Carolina, Ericca Latza is a country singer-songwriter pursuing her music career in Nashville, Tennessee. Music and writing played a huge role in her young life. Most days you could find her after school behind a piano at lessons or in her room filling up notebooks with stories. She quickly developed a passion for singing when her parents enrolled her in classical voice lessons. It wasn't until the age of 12 that she realized she could combine her love of all three. One night her dad showed her how to play four chords on his acoustic Applause, and she hasn't looked back since. Though Mount Airy (better known as "Mayberry") was her home, Ericca moved to Wilmington NC in 2016. There, she spent two years developing herself as a performer. She played on many stages that are local favorites such as The Soundhouse, Goodfellas, and Hurricane Alley's. While growing as a solo artist, she also launched a band that played on stages across North Carolina. In January 2019, Ericca made the move to Nashville with the hopes of learning to become a well rounded songwriter and a professional in the industry. It was't long before both her songs and voice began to draw attention. Ericca became a signed artist with MC1 Nashville/Sony Orchard in July 2019. She works daily to develop her craft by writing for both herself and other artists. She plays writers rounds at many local venues such as The Commodore Grille, Belcourt Taps, and Red Line. Over the next year she will have three singles hitting radio waves and being released to all listening platforms. ​ ​ ​ "I just want to tell stories that people hear and go, "oh yeah, I get that". To me that means being as genuine and honest as possible. I mean, Im pretty in love with the fact that I get to wake up every day, create something that didn't exist the day before, and put it into the universe to see where it ends up. There's some kind of real magic found in that."





Scott's Bio:


The beginning I guess… As a kid in grade school I was told that I couldn’t sing. I believed it. It was no big deal in my mind, back then there wasn’t much I thought I could do... but I loved to sing, and I did so in private. My voice would crack reassuring me that I wasn’t good, but I loved it, so I sang on. In the meantime I dedicated my life to my passion for music. Music is all I have ever wanted to be a part of, and it has been my honor to help artists bring their story to the masses.

Several years ago in Notodden, Norway I was at my musician friends house and Johnny Cash came on the radio. I sang along loud and proud, it was 4am, and I was feeling good. My friend turned down the radio, motioned to me, and I kept singing… why not, Johnny sang so low even I could hit the notes. For some reason the crowd in the living room seemed to like it. It was 4am, what did they know?

The next night I walked into my friend Bjorn’s venue where my friends band was playing. I nodded to them and walked to the bar, on my way across the room somebody in the crowd yelled a request, “Johnny Cash.” The lead singer replied, “We don’t do any Johnny Cash, but that guy does, please welcome Scott to the stage.” Hell no was my reply, but they and the crowd were persistent. Terrified I took a mic in one hand, and the lyrics on an Ipad in the other. Hiding behind the Ipad I sang Hurt. Shaken, I somehow made it through the whole song, I hopped off the stage and bolted to the bar to what I guessed were polite applause. I looked at the gorgeous barmaid and pleaded, “I would like ALL of the beer please.” I looked down at the floor, my mind racing. Why did I do that? No one needed to hear that, I embarrassed the band, myself, why did I do that???  A more timely question, why isn’t the barmaid moving? After that public shaming I was desperate for a beer. I looked at her pleadingly, our eyes met and she said softly, “I have goosebumps”... what? Over my singing? This beautiful girl?

I joined the band… in Norway

That band was of course Spinning Wheels, and Stian, Tom, John, and Ole-Roy have become some of the best friends that I have ever had. I started flying to Norway and doing shows with them, a little at first, and then more as I had more fun. All of this was a secret, I was sure that if my clients and friends in Nashville knew that they would judge me for trying to be an artist. Please know that that could not have been further from my mind, I was just a guy who loves music more than anything, and I couldn’t believe how good it felt to stand up and sing. It was amazing, why wouldn’t I keep doing it!

Years passed with my Norwegian secret safe until a little over a year ago John the drummer calls and asks if I can make it to a gig in July. If I can they will book us on the main stage, there will be thousands of people in attendance, a great gig! I say yes, and Spinning Wheels featuring Scott Scovill are announced on the roster.

Two weeks later I get terrifying news... The festival announces the headliner that we will be opening up for, ...and its Brad Paisley. One of my very best friends, an artist whom I have worked with for close to two decades. My secret is about to be blown! Everywhere Brad goes he brings at least 20 people I know, several are my employees. Oh crap!

A few days later the conversation between Brad and I was pretty amazing. He thought I must be kidding… why is this funny he asked, confused. “Its funny because it’s true Brad, I have been secretly singing in a band in Norway for seven years. It terrifies me that my secret is coming out, and most of all that you will see me perform. Please be kind”!

Like a truly great friend Brad has been awesomely supportive. For that matter it is amazing to me how behind me all of my artists have been, as have so many other friends in the industry. Country music is a family unlike any other, full of support and love. They all seem to get it. Everyone has something other than work they are passionate about. My free time passion just happens to be my artists day jobs :)

I was honestly as scared as I could be about the upcoming show, what if I wasn’t good enough? I reached out to a vocal coach to at least try to put my best foot forward. Buzzy Orange was that coach, but Buzzy has become so much more to me. He has been a coach, a mentor a cheerleader and a great friend. I owe him so much. In our first lesson he tells me that I have a special voice. I wasn’t buying it, my thought was he says that to everyone. Buzzy asks if I will truly listen to his teaching. Yes, that’s why I’m here, “good" he replies, "this can really be something if you are willing to work hard at it. You have an amazing instrument, but no idea how to use it”. I was beyond skeptical. Buzzy continued “We are going to send you to Norway with an album”. Now I know he’s crazy, there is no way that I will ever make an album… but I very much want his help so I let that crazy thought slide.

Three months later I went to Norway a completely changed vocalist. I had a suitcase full of my albums to give away as promos, and a head full of new knowledge, and a heart full of confidence. I listened, I worked hard, and we changed the way I sing in many great ways. I continue to work hard with him whenever I can. It turns out that the reason that I and that teacher all those years ago thought that I couldn't sing is that I am a baritone. When I tried to sing with everyone else my voice would break on the higher notes. Crazy that I never understood that, if I just take songs down a step or two I can sing almost anything. Awesome that Buzzy helped me work through that, and he taught me to really sing. Thank you Buzzy!

To my unparalleled relief the show where we opened for Brad was an incredible success, and Brad was super supportive, he even let us borrow his fiddle and steel players. They hopped right in with Spinning Wheels and were amazing. Placed on the outside of the stage we dubbed them the training wheels :). The show was a big step up for the band and I thank you Brad!

Brad’s producer, the incredible Luke Wooten was also at the show. Luke is a great guy and a great friend. Months later back in Nashville, I asked him to a hockey game to pick his brain. I ran past him the thought that maybe I could do a real album for release. All I wanted was advice, but somehow I undeservedly ended up with one of the best producers in Nashville. He said he was going to produce the album for me! I told Luke there was no way I was going to let him do that, I didn’t deserve him. His reply? “Life is short, and this will be fun! Besides, I am one of the few people that have ever heard you sing. You walked up to that mic in Norway and started belting out Johnny, I was stunned”. I pinch myself when I look at all of the great people that have helped with this dream project.

Luke has been the greatest, thank you Luke!

I started writing with Madeline Stone who was amazing at showing me the ropes, then Victoria Shaw and Amber Rubarth graced me with their writing talents. I love writing and I feel like I have a knack for it. Co-writing with those amazing ladies is a dream, but I comfortably write alone now as well. I would have never dreamed, thank you ladies!

Thanks to Luke and his amazing team at Station West, my music is coming to life. We have 23 songs cut for this album! 9 originals! I would guess that a dozen or so will make the album, and I will add to it a few at a time over the summer. I can’t begin to explain what all goes into making an album. It’s a herculean task, one that only works with a village of tremendously talented people. Luckily Nashville is THE place for this kind of dream to come true. Even a freshman like myself had well over 100 people help with the album. I wish I could name them all, I appreciate their talents so much!

So here we are, on my “artist” website, casting away all fears of inevitable judgement. I’m facing fear and doing something I love, my only expectation is creative fulfillment, certainly not fame, that doesn’t appeal. But if a few people like and listen, that will be more than enough for me.

It’s hard to believe, little old me, the kid who couldn’t sing, the kid who then spent his whole life helping others be seen and heard is making albums and performing in Norway. How terrifying, exciting, dangerous… and glorious. It feels incredible to have a voice.

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