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3/19/2022 - 7pm - The New Music Food Truck

Published March 19, 2022

Tune in each Saturday at 7pm central on WFMC Jams for a new broadcast week of New Music Food Truck!

“We're celebrating show number 200! 200 Jim, can you believe it? Jim just quit counting a long time ago when he ran out of fingers and toes, but we'll take a look back over the last 200 shows & feature some of our favorite bands, artists and songs!” - Aaron Zytle

This week's menu features a look back at some our favorites from our show since we launched on May 8th 2018.  Truthfully there are too many to fit in just 1 hour, but we just dove in and pulled out 13.  We'll hear from an 80's heart throb, a Rock 'n Roll hall of Famer, a marching band, 2 from across the Pond, a couple of songs we played early that went to #1 and one from a band that isn't anymore!  All from looking back over 200 shows.  200 shows...that's a week more than a month of working a fulltime 40 hour week job just to sit and binge-listen to them all!  We are humbled at the support we've been given and thank everyone who's helped along the way!  So Grab a plate, a cold drink and sit back and feast upon this sample of our weekly musical buffet. But as always, after grubbin down at The New Music Food Truck, yer gonna need loosen your playlist!

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New Indie and Alternative Music Delivered to Your Ears Hot and Fresh each week! #NMFT can be heard worldwide on stations in the US, Canada, UK, Scotland, Italy, Columbia, Africa and New Zealand, as well as all major podcast platforms including Apple & TuneIn and on their website. Those crazy brothers, Aaron & Jim are cookin' & servin' up only the tastiest tracks from around the world. Hosted by Aaron and produced by Jim, together these guys have over 50 years of rock radio experience as they been at it since they were old enough to reach their parents music collection! Grab a plate, a cold drink and sit back and feast upon their musical buffet. But be warned, after grubbin down at The New Music Food Truck, yer gonna need loosen your playlist! Wanna find out where to hear #NMFT? Find all the details on the website

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