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Live From the Bird's Nest - Ashley Carson

Published April 01, 2021

"The Georgia Songbirds - Live From the Bird's Nest" is a podcast aimed at local artists and songwriters, giving them a place to share music, stories and experiences as they chase their dream.

This week's episode features Ashley Carson.  Listen to "Live From the Bird's Nest" on Thursdays at 8pm Central on WFMC Jams by clicking the "Listen Live" at the top of the page.


Meet Ashley Carson, she is a singer songwriter from North Georgia. Ashley came by the " bird's nest" and we talked about how she got started at the age of 14, what it's been like for her music career, spooky songs, and so much more. She even plays us a few songs and as a special treat her song "Give You My All" available for download is at the end of this episode. You can also listen to Ashley along with 13 other songwriters in The Weekly Top 10 Countdown.

Ashley Carson is a Georgia born and Georgia raised songbird. At 14 years of age, she received her first guitar and within three years recorded her first EP, Daybreak. Her songs are real and personal and her live performances are full of passion. Many who hear her sing compare her to Alison Krauss or Kari Job. Currently, Ashley is working on her next EP and is booking gigs around Georgia. 

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