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The Midnight Madness Show can be heard live on WFMC Jams every Tuesday from 7-9pm central




Jamie Adamson has spent the majority of his life singing and writing songs. Jamie grew up between Alabama and Mississippi where he was either listening to his Grandpa Herman play guitar or fiddle around the wood stove in the back room of their old general store home place or watching his mother and dad sing in church. Jamie eventually became a part of those old gospel style camp meetings where he started out playing a snare and high-hat with Pastor Ray Thompson. Jamie would soon get his first guitar at age 13 from Pastor Ray and take his first crack at learning to play an electric guitar. The skills he learned early in life carried him on to Nashville at the age of 23. Where he honed his singing and guitar skills to the degree of actually becoming a working musician. Jamie toured the casino and club circuit for many years and shared a stage with greats like Steve Cropper of The Blues Brothers Band, Blind Mississippi Morris, Jerry Waddell, Ryan Larkins from CMT Can You Duet, Jennie C Riley, and Mark Collie. Jamie moved back to the Alabama Gulf Coast in 2015 and is looking to build on the music career he started in Tennessee. If you have an opportunity to see him perform you will not be disappointed. Jamie's songs are written with heart felt lyrics, coming from true life experiences, and filled with pure raw emotion.


"In the House" at the Grinder House is broadcast live on WFMC Jams every Friday from 6-8pm central.



Johnny Collier's Music Monday brings the concert to you!! Load up FACEBOOK WATCH on your smart tv and watch the concert LIVE from the Big Screen. Order a pizza, make some snacks, invite the family over for some family friendly Monday Night Music with Johnny Collier & The Misbehaviators!

Johnny's show is full of those foot stomping country classics from some of your favorite artists, a few stories from the road with a few Johnny Collier originals thrown in. And YES, dancing in your living room is not only ok... It's ENCOURAGED!

If you're not sure HOW to watch the concert from your TV... Here's some instructions:

If you'd like to thank Johnny and the band, leave them a message or send them a tip... follow this link:

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Alabama Jammin' On A Thursday Night with Lisa T & Teri D ! We will be Hosting The Legendary Doug Mays & George Lair this Thursday! Get ready for some true Shoals music and stories you'll Love!

Lisa T & Teri D go live with Alabama Jammin' every Thursday Night at 7pm Central featuring live music and interviews from performers in the North Alabama area on WFMC Jams.
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  • WFMC Jams is an online internet radio station committed to bringing you original music as well as your favorite classics from a variety of local artists in the area. The station was founded on June 24, 2012 right after the Third Annual Fam Jam music festival in Manchester, TN. The idea came up as a way to continue to give back to the local and regional songwriters and performers in the area year round by promoting their music.

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