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Singer. Songwriter. Radio & Television Personality. Stage & Film Performer. Texas Music Legend. Jerry K. Green is as versatile as he is talented, and with decades of life and entertainment experience under his belt, he says he’s just getting started.

His 2019 highlights began with a four-page center-fold feature in the TEXAS MUSIC magazine's 2019 Winter issue, published in January. February brought a double feature. First, Participation in the Grammy Nomination celebration of the Bear Family Records 20-CD/224-page-book Box Set titled "At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight," at Shreveport's Municipal Auditorium where the Louisiana Hayride was conducted when Green was a featured performer in 1952 and 1953, before drafted into the army. Also in February, release of the Bear Family Records 40-track/24-page insert CD titled "Winter Party 1959,"a 50th anniversary tribute to Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, and The Big Bopper, who all died in a small plane crash in February of 1959. The CD includes "The Ballad Of Donna And Peggy Sue" written by Green and Rockabilly Pioneer Ray Campi, and recorded by Campi. Plus, the insert relates the story of how the song came to be written. In October, Green was inducted into the Lewisville (Texas) High School Hall of Fame, where he graduated in 1951.

Most recently, Green has been working to bring the inspiring story of Tripod the Three Legged Dog back to the world with a 13-track album titled, “Tripod Legacy XIII.” The album includes 13 unique versions of the song performed by Green and some of Nashville’s most popular voices. The versatile record includes Matt Dame’s raspy country rendition, Stephanie Willett-Willis’ Kesha-inspired pop version, Adam Cunningham’s Spanish performance, and every genre in between. 

As part of the Tripod Legacy Campaign, Green is partnering with animal rescue groups to put Tripod, and the many renditions of his song, to work. By raising awareness and funds for rescue organizations, Green aims to give homeless dogs a voice…and hopefully lives as big as Tripod’s. Learn more about the Tripod Legacy Campaign here.

In his famous song, Green says, “You could do twice as much, if you tried half as hard as Tripod the Three Legged Dog,” and it’s safe to say he has and will continue to follow his own advice. 

See Jerry's Full Bio on his official website.

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The Midnight Madness Show can be heard live on WFMC Jams every Tuesday from 7-9pm central

Isaac is a full time musician and songwriter.  Usually he plays acoustic guitar, some electric guitar, banjo, harmonica, and occasionally the fiddle. Shortly after Isaac graduated from home-school in June of 2018, he moved to Nashville, TN to pursue his music career by songwriting and networking in the Country Music Capital! He had auditioned for Dollywood in January of 2018 while he was still finishing high school. Between Christmas and New Year of 2018 Isaac received a job offer from Dollywood for the 2019 season, so after about six months in Nashville, he made the move to Pigeon Forge.

Isaac is still working on his own music as well. During his time in Nashville, Isaac wrote “Too Nice” with Devon O’Day, recorded it with Jeff Bates producing, and released it as a single in March of 2019. He traveled across the country to promote the single to country radio stations, and was able to appear on the Music Row Breakout Chart for the first time in his career, thanks to the help of his manager/promoter Sarah Reed. During the same year, Isaac also wrote quite a few Christmas songs, with some of his favorite co-writers, Corey Lee Barker, and Randy Finchum among others. He recorded his first six song Christmas EP “Cole for Your Stocking” with Kimo Forrest producing, and released it in October of 2019. The single “Christmas Shoppin’ Again” was released to Country radio for the Christmas season, and Isaac has a new single scheduled for release in the spring of 2020. -

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The Midnight Madness Show can be heard live on WFMC Jams every Tuesday from 7-9pm central

Beverly Jane is an author, singer-songwriter with Clear Sound Music Group. She has been better known behind the scenes writing and promoting other artists.

Beverly has worked on Nashville’s Music Row since 1999 with Major and Independent country artists. Her songs have won awards and accolades in addition to her success in delivering television commercial jingles. Many of her country and rock collaborations are being performed by other Independent artists throughout the country. Her inspirational songs transparently ease from the strings as she performs for conferences, classes and churches.

On February 28, 2008, Beverly Jane’s life took a tragic turn. She lost her first son in a car accident exactly one year and to the very minute of her mother’s passing. Not able to say goodbye, nor to have closure on this tragedy, Beverly was determined to find a way to reach out to this son she loved so dearly.

Her new book, “When It Happens To You” is an enlightened, thoughtful discovery that took 7 years to unfold into a presentation that will forever change the way people see death. For our culture, death appears to be the ultimate final blow—the final loss of that loved one. Beverly Jane has unlocked the door to the afterlife and shattered religious misnomers. Heaven is, indeed, a breath away. Listen and discover how you can reconnect with loved ones who may have already been trying to let you know they are okay and that they are there--just beyond the veil.

Today, Beverly Jane is writing, performing, consulting and teaching to inspire others. She is stepping in front of the microphone to showcase her own creativity and inspiring others to rise up from the ashes. She is living life on purpose and with purpose. Every day is a song.

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Carryin’ On is a husband/wife duo that is a throwback to the classic days of country music. With a little bit of bluegrass, a little bit of blues and classic vocal harmony, this group is a taste of something old and something new. They shine new light on some of the greatest hits of countrys’ past, and also bring a fresh new sound built on the foundations set forth by the icons of the past. Brennan and Jacque McGuire can be found Carryin' On almost anywhere. From a local café as an acoustic duo or on stage at your local music hall with a band. The McGuire’s are truly troubadours’ for a new generation. 

The Midnight Madness Show can be heard live on WFMC Jams every Tuesday from 7-9pm central


Bryce ReegBryce Reeg is a Rock artist that hails from all corners of Iowa. With a wide range of covers mixed in with tasty original songs, they will surely leave you wanting more.
The rich harmonies of Bryce and Pat, along with the full band's upbeat energy will send you on a nostalgic journey through the decades. Bryce's influences include Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Eagles, Gary Clark Jr., The Band, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many more! You won't want to miss this one!

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The Midnight Madness Show can be heard live on WFMC Jams every Tuesday from 7-9pm central

Southern roots run deep in Lee Gibson’s veins and you see that on stage when he performs. Raised in the small town of Winchester, Tennessee, gave Gibson the humbleness that comes across on stage and his love for country music. As a child Lee enjoyed sitting in front of the television or radio listening to some of the greatest artists of our time, such as Charlie Daniels, Merle Haggard and George Jones. Music started at a young age with Lee Gibson as he was part of the musicals and plays in his school, a member of the church choir, and he also had an acoustic show which he eventually added a full band to.

Gibson carries some of the songs from his country icons on stage as his songs tell the story of lost loves, hardships, falling in love and there are always the good drinking songs that have made history in country music. “Who You Are”, “Long Slow Night”, “My Country” and “Lincoln County Lightning” are just a few of the originals Lee Gibson performs at his shows. All of these songs telling stories that his audience can relate to.

Being compared to Dwight Yoakam and Ronnie Dunn Lee Gibson’s voice is powerful, clear and definitely country. With his influence, from these artists and so many more, Gibson pursued writing with some of the top Nashville songwriters. In 2001 he landed his first record deal and this put him on the stage with Randy Houser, Anthony Smith, Darryl Worley, T. Graham Brown, and even the late George Jones.

There is still uniqueness in his songwriting with the upcoming release of his sophomore album. You hear a collection of all of Lee Gibson’s influences on this album. There is love and heartbreak, happiness and despair, the jovial and serious and an album showing Lee Gibson’s talent and love of music.

As Lee Gibson steps on stage he does so with the experience he has gained over the years of working in the music business. His 6 foot 4 inch stature carries the deep richness in his voice as he sings to his audiences. His songs tell stories about who he is and some of the things he has experienced, as well as some classic country and rock and roll to get everyone up and out of their seats dancing. Gibson reaches out to his audiences and they love him as he makes time for them after a show.

This will be an exciting year for Lee Gibson. In November Gibson will be part of the An American Legacy Tour, starring Ronnie McDowell. A cruise is planned that will depart on the Carnival Fascination from Jacksonville, FL to the Bahamas, November 12 through November 15. Several other projects are in the works for Gibson and he is looking forward to this year and where his career is going.

As you walk into the venue you look on stage and Lee Gibson is performing. His voice carries through the sound system and you know you are about to see a great country singer on stage. His experience and talent shows through and the friendliness in his voice welcomes you to a seat. This is a Lee Gibson show. Quality, talent and pure country.

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The Midnight Madness Show can be heard live on WFMC Jams every Tuesday from 7-9pm central

One of the things 2020 brought musicians was time to write and create new music.  With many new songs being released this summer, tonight's Midnight Madness Show is a special two hour show to highlight some of the new music releases from your favorite artists.

The Midnight Madness Show can be heard live on WFMC Jams every Tuesday from 7-9pm central

Donna Frost is a true traveling troubadour, logging thousands of miles year round performing shows in cities all across the US. She has appeared in the UK and the Caribbean as well during her career. She performs solo with her guitars, ukuleles and mandolin most times and also plays select shows with her band. She is currently promoting her latest works, “The Quarantine Sessions” and “The Quarantine Sessions Volume 2” consisting of songs she has written and recorded the past year during the pandemic. Donna was able to survive the past year of shutdowns and lost shows with her online weekly Monday night Facebook shows, which she started on March 23, 2020 and which she ended in late May 2021, along with other online shows and socially distanced live shows.. As things have opened back up. Donna has resumed her busy schedule of in person local and road performances. Donna has written over 300 songs and released 7 CD's of her music the past 20 years with 2 more to be recorded and released in late 2021.

Donna has been an ASCAPlus recipient for the past 11 years for her work as a performing songwriter and was a Kerrville New Folk finalist in 2004. She sang harmonies with Grand Ole Opry legend, the late Skeeter Davis from 1996-2002. Donna performed Skeeter’s hit “The End of the World” at the induction ceremony for Skeeter at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame in April 2013. She works as an extra in movies, music videos and TV, most notably all 6 seasons of the popular series “Nashville” and the music video by the Black Keys, “Go”. Donna received an artist endorsement in October 2015 from Kamoa Ukulele Company and in June of 2016 from Luna Guitars. She is an active performer with Music for Seniors, an organization that provides live music for seniors in various facilities; most are Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. On December 7, 2019, Music for Seniors presented Donna with the Musician Partner of the Year Award for 2019 for her work with the organization. She is also very involved with Humane Society of Sumner County. Donna has a twice a month Facebook live show from the Humane Society to raise money and awareness of the shelter and features some of the pets up for adoption along with her music. Donna also volunteers with her music for the homeless at Room in the Inn in Nashville, TN.

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The Midnight Madness Show can be heard live on WFMC Jams every Tuesday from 7-9pm central

When you hear the term “Americana” you may think of artists that sing songs about life and love expressed in a different manner than what you would hear on top 40 radio. There are diamonds found in the form of stories set to music. Jenny Johnson is a soulful, cutting edge artist and her music is a modern day twist on the singer/songwriter, guitar driven sound of the 1970’s that inspired her. Her belief is that you get what you pay for in this life and it is up to you to make a difference as a positive example to others. "Share your experiences of success and disappointments with no fear."  Her method of doing so is to write and sing about the triumphs and the tragedies of life, love,  and the pursuit thereof. She began writing songs at the age of 18 and since the early 2000's she’s taken every opportunity to learn the craft by performing and co-writing with other artists in Nashville and surrounding areas. Her third studio release of new music, “Sage”, is now available on all streaming platforms. “Singing is how I speak best to others, and I believe that I have the ability to share my adventures in a way that everyone appreciates and understands." 

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The Midnight Madness Show can be heard live on WFMC Jams every Tuesday from 7-9pm central


About Johnny:

2021 Nominations for Johnny Collier - The Josie Music Awards

“I’m a country boy. There’s nothin’ about me that ain’t. I’ve entertained crowds of 80,000 people working stadiums, festivals, fairs and beer joints. Worked with my hands, built a family, ran 3 bars and sang in way too many so yes, i know somethin’ about making my audience happy. And yes, I talk to God…” JC.


Recording artist, Johnny Collier, brings something unique to his fans and followers in today’s music scene. Digging deep into his Muscle Shoals and Nashville roots, Johnny mixes country music’s past and present to create a passionate, soulful music adventure. This isn’t the stuff your Daddy stomped his boots to, but it kind of is. You’ll hear a hint of R&B and Blues flavoring. Johnny’s is not a rock show, but it totally does. His ability to fuse that feel-good driving country beat together with a contemporary musical vision lead Johnny to write hot selling fan favorites like “Hole In My Heart”, “I Got This…”, and “Never Really Famous”. “I’m blessed” Johnny says, “ to perform an average of 140 concerts each year all over the South for crowds up to 80,000 people. People tell me all the time ‘Man, you are so smooth. The music just flows out of you and it looks like you’re enjoying every second’ and the truth is… I really am. And they get to come along.”

With a successful career in the music and entertainment industry, Johnny Collier has earned a long and loyal fan base. Whether he’s headlining or workin’ a honky-tonk, Johnny’s style of music attracts a large audience. Johnny travels making new friends and greeting old ones. His schedule of dates and performances reflect concerts and shows ranging from fairs, festivals, dance halls and night clubs to organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, America’s Trail Ride Association, tourist venues booked as much as a year in advance and engagements overseas.

It’s true that his schedule and work ethics led to Johnny’s being called “The Hardest Working Guy in Show Business”. Wayne Chaney, stage manager for LITTLE RICHARD, says “When I call Johnny, I don’t have to worry. He just says when & where do you need me”.

The early years placed Johnny Collier into the professional realm when he started singing with THE HANK WILLIAMS, JR. BAND as they needed a front man to replace Hank while he recouped from touring. Then, forming his own band with musicians such as Roger Clark, Drummer from THE STEVE MILLER BAND & THE GREATFUL DEAD, Johnny started to write and record his own material and found himself working with members of THE LITTLE RICHARD BAND, opening for JIM ED BROWN and doing sessions at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. 1995 found Johnny backing Nashville artist’s like TIM HILLIARD and being asked to do a tour in Japan.

In 1997, Johnny re-united with his birth father, Mark Collier, who retired from the music business in the 80’s. Johnny and his father re-opened MOLLIE MUSIC PUBLISHING. The two began recording and working with other artists from Disneyland California and Nashville.

Next, Johnny recorded an album titled “Take You To The Country” on Jasmine Records and in 1999, MMG Records released and promoted several singles from the Album. An earlier version of “Honey for Hire” charted at #33 on The Worldwide Top 100 Singles Chart and his music was known across the US and in several foreign countries… Australia in particular, where Beth Brown played Johnny’s hot new single on her Radio Show reaching 7.5 million listeners. Another single, “Love Let Her”, earned Johnny the title of Artist of the Year in 2003 by remaining in the Top 5 for 28 consecutive weeks!

Johnny hosted his own TV show during this time on W10BV broadcasting from Ethridge, Tennessee, with owner and friend, Sarah Evetts, known for starting the smallest TV station in America and catapulting to worldwide fame and success when appearing on Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, USA Today, and more.

Johnny’s talent and manner enables him to work with some of the best in the business including Natalie Stovall And The Drive, T. Graham Brown, ACM Top New Female Vocalist Nominee -Joy Lynn White, Mark Herndon ‘Alabama’, Songwriter/Producer-Billy Lawson, Logan Mize, Daryl Singletary, Members of the Hank, Jr. Band, Marty Raybon ‘Shenandoah’, Stella Parton, King of Beach Music-Clifford Curry, Razzy Bailey, Blue Mother Tupelo, Fred “Re-run” Berry, Jim Ed Brown, Terri “Somebody’s Knockin” Gibbs, Freddie Weller, Seidina Reed, Donna Fargo, Wanda Jackson, Producer-Bud Logan, Members of the Little Richard Band, Engineer-Jerry Masters and Two Time Musician of the Year-Kirk Johnson.

After years of playing music on the road all over the US, Johnny spent 2017 & 2018 working on his second album and touring the country. In April, 2018, Johnny had a bit of set back when he suffered a massive and severe subarachnoid hemorrhage (ruptured brain aneurysm) and stroke and underwent 3 brain surgeries including endovascular coiling, carotid angioplasty and the insertion of a sleeve/stent in the Aneurysm site. Johnny spent 3 weeks in the Neurosurgical ICU at UAB in Birmingham, Alabama, and then several months recovering there after. With the grace of God, his wife, family, friends, and thousands and thousands of prayers, cards, well wishes and love from his fans and followers, Johnny pulled through miraculously well and began touring again about 6 months later.

Johnny is so proud to announce the release of his new album “Love Me For Who I Am”. The music in this album is straight from Johnny’s heart and tells stories and shares insites that everyone can relate to. The album, released November 1st, 2019, is available for purchase through this website, CD-Baby and at Johnny’s concerts. The album is also available for Digital Download and streaming from over 150 music media sites world wide including iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube and many others. 

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The Midnight Madness Show can be heard live on WFMC Jams every Tuesday from 7-9pm central
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